My daughter sent me some pictures just before I went down to visit so here is a little gift I whipped together for Kiera.

1 year old & growing so fast!!!!!

Kiera 16 mos getting into mischief!!!

Here she is playing in the pool & growing so fast!!!
Will be a year on July 11th!!!

Patricia Lamfers did an outstanding job with this quilt using Kaufman fusion fabrics. An inspiration to us all. I love the color choices & pattern.

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Quilt done by Laurie Muus using glow in the dark fairy frost fabric for her background.
Hummingbird done by Ann, Design by Bear Paw Productions and adapted to this design.
This is a design which was adapted from a picture by Ann to a stain glass design. Clouds are quilted.
Air Balloon
I presented it to my father yesterday for his 70th birthday.

I began with a copy of his extract of birth, followed by photos of his parents, immediate family right down to the 3 grandchildren. I also included photos of his carrer as a jocky and now later in life, his pleasure riding.

I copied each photo into a gold frame and then printed them onto fabric.

Lisa Manning

Another beautiful quilt pieced and quilted by Laurie Muus.
This is a great idea done by Georgia Williams for her Mom. Those butterflies were made to be 3 dimensional.
Here is another picture by Georgia using the same technique, with a close up. Very effective.
Flying Stain Glass Eagle
Stain glass eagle done by me using Designs by Edna
This is an original design by Jim Freeman who drew it out for me so I could adapt his stain glass unicorn to fabric. Below you can see how changing backgrounds can give you a totally different look.
Laurie Muus keeps really busy with these great quilts, here is one from the Nickel Quilts Book, design from the book called Morning Star. (In stock) Here she is using one of her favorite glow in the dark fabric.
Congratulations!!! Laurie just took 1st prize at the fair, this was quilted by Laurie with a star design in glow in the dark thread. :)
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Here we have a bargello flag done by Brenda Heflin who loves to share her ideas with other quilters.

Midnight Pinwheels is just stunning, they look like they are floating on the black background, another beautiful quilt done by Brenda Heflin. This pattern is available in my store under Rainbow Rosettes.

Ribbons in Motion done by Brenda Heflin, given as a gift to her son in NJ. Here is picture of a quilted jacket I made. I have had inquiries as to where the pattern for this jacket can be found. The designer's name is Barbara Bell Doriss who at the time had a book out with a lot of different variations. (I took a class many years ago, you might try for The Original Log Cabin Jacket & Vest Book.) Ann

This is a beautiful Black & White quilt by Marilyn Parker for a wedding.
This pattern is designed by Katie Lane Quilts available in the stain glass section. I had a great time making this wallhanging with these easy to follow directions. You can find this pattern online in the Katie Lane section of patterns.
This is great design by Laurie Muus for a wonderful wall hanging using those great glow in the dark fabrics.
Here is an elk & deer done by my best friend Donna.

Hummingbird pattern from Bear Paw Quilts done by Ann

This is a quilt done by Jackie Padgett from More Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts by Pam Bono Designs. Jackie put her own special touch by using Michael Miller Star Majic for the background & the white fairy frost, both glow in the dark fabrics. Great job Jackie.
Here is a quilt by Jeanne Jackson, she has kindly allowed me to put her pictures in my gallery. The quilts all have titles, her label on the back, and are for sale. Specifications available on request. More pictures below. If interested you can contact her at
Here is a great bag made by Maggie Dana using her own design. She would like to give credit to Debbie Quinn, a designer from Killingworth, Connecticut, whose pattern Maggie followed the first time she made a bag in order to learn some of her techniques which, Maggie says, are brilliant. This compact handbag, made from Kona Bay's Tombo Garden, measures 11 inches wide by 8 inches high and has a number of great features: the inside pockets are designed to hold Maggie's cell phone, a small camera, several pens and pencils, an emory board, a notepad; there are also d-rings on the inside to which Maggie clips a mini-flashlight, calculator, measuring tape, her car keys. An outside zipper pocket (on other side from one shown here) has 16 folded slots for credit cards, a billfold, and a small zippered change purse. A unique design.
Well Laurie Muus from New Mexico, is keeping very busy doing her wonderful quilts and has sent a couple more to share with us. :)
Above we have a really sweet quilt using blocks of blue & redwork & below is a great quilt using serenity fabrics, she used the yellow brick road pattern for that one.

Here is a great addition to the gallery with a quilt from Judith Dinkins she made for her son.
This wonderful wallhanging is just too fun, made by Anne Fulton for her husband Jim for Christmas.
The Title is: "Bath Time For Lieber". He was our loving Rottie.
Date completed - March 26, 2012
Size - 15 1/2 x 18 inches
Machine Applique
Original puppy drawing by Peggy Rose

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